Within the UBAUT Ambassador Program, scientists from the level of PhD students to full professors can apply for a stay as ambassador in the US to promote the UBAUT research network and the respective institutions standing behind. Eligible for this program are scientists from the level of PhD students to full professors who are working at one of the participating institutions. Each of the delegate journeys will include visits to at least four relevant biomedical research institutes in the US, where the ambassador will give a lecture about his/her own research within the UBAUT network, will introduce the research landscape in the Rhine-Main region and give hands-on advise for funding possibilities as incoming international scientist. Envisioned institutions to be visited are located in the San Francisco Bay Area or in the Boston region. Ambassadors should be willing to meet representatives of international offices or non-research institutions, e.g. from German Consulates or DAAD Information Centers.

Accepted ambassadors will receive assistance by the coordination office in planning all further details of their stay, e.g. an exact outline of the visit schedule and travel arrangements, and based on this a cost plan will be agreed. Costs for travel and subsistence will be carried by the UBAUT program in accordance with the DFG and Goethe University’s travel guidelines. As preparation for their delegate journey, all ambassadors will receive training with respect to programs and funding schemes on offer for international incoming scientists.

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